MaxiMaids cleaning service founder Jeannine Garcia

Founded in 1989, MaxiMaids, Inc was established by Miguel and Jeannine Garcia with the fundamental principles of excellence. The goal was to fulfill a wide spectrum of service needs, while delivering a five star service. The founders set to lay the foundation for a brand that would continuously deliver quality while demonstrating the possibility of a brighter future. Specifically a future of endless possibilities and educational advancement for their three young children.

As the organization continued to expand so came the development of additional services and divisions, MaxiBubbles, Miguel Garcia & Associates and Magari Inc. With the intimate involvement of the Garcia children and full implementation of the MaxiMaids standards, all divisions ensure the highest quality product while maintaining ultimate uniqueness.

In the late 90’s MaxiMaids became a certified member of elite organizations such as NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizing) and ARSCI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International) and SWaM (small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business). All the while preparing to pass the torch to a new generation of leadership and innovation.

In turn, the MaxiMaids organization is one of the areas leader in residential, commercial and laundry services. MaxiMaids continues to raise the bar on the luxury cleaning experience by delivering an uncompromising level of quality service and customized service that is unrivaled. MaxiMaids ensures the highest quality while maintaining uniqueness. MaxiMaids believes that a successful operation is rooted in partnership based on collaboration between client and cleaning professionals. Learn about our Five Star Services here.

A polished partnership

More than a client – a partner, more than a cleaner – a professional, more than a service – a future.