Overloaded with laundry? Count on MaxiMaids for our laundry cleaning services. We provide a slew of services, including in-home laundry cleaning, wash and fold services, and dry cleaning. As your local laundry cleaning business here in Northern Virginia, MaxiMaids strives to give you perfectly cleaned, ironed, and folded laundry time after time. Get in touch with us today to schedule your laundry cleaning appointment. Here are all of our laundry services:


In-Home laundry options are available in addition to any cleaning services or as a separate service.

  • Remove Linens & Towels
  • Wash & Dry All Selected Laundry
  • Fold & Organize All Laundry In Designated Areas
  • Packing & Un-Packing
  • Ironing


  • Free Pick-Up & Delivery
  • 24-48 Hour Delivery Options
  • $1.95 per pound
  • Ironing Available


Prices vary by items provided.

  • Free Pick-Up & Delivery
  • 24-48 Hour Delivery Options