Spring is in the air! And as is tradition, it’s time for spring cleaning. As flowers bloom and trees sprout young leaves, you can feel the change that’s in the air. So, as spring warms up the area here in Springfield, and folks begin to beautify their homes with spring cleaning, it’s time to clear away the cobwebs and cut the clutter around the abode. That’s the topic of today’s maid blog, and one of our most recent blogs (feel free to check out our previous article): Today we’re talking tips to cut the clutter. Let’s get started!

Recognize Clutter & Its Problems

Clutter is a nuisance. Sure, it’s comforting to keep the keepsakes you’ve collected over the years. And yes, it’s good to cherish memories that go along with items in your home (e.g. your photos, old yearbooks, a memory box). However, the tchotchkes can pile up. While it’s healthy to keep nostalgic items around, we often keep things we don’t use, items that are superfluous, and multiples of an object when we only need one. At the end of the day, you might find that your home is consumed with clutter. Books overflow from shelves. Junk drawers pour out. Cabinets are unnavigable. When your belongings become dusty detritus, it’s time to make a change.

Now, take a look at this article from Dana Byers. She points out that clutter takes time, literally. We actually spend time caring for our possessions. Byers notes, “Clutter has to be cleaned, stacked, stored, repaired, displayed, and more.” It’s true, we spend our precious time caring for our possessions, when we can, and should, be spending our time on more valuable things. Why organize boxes in the garage when you could be spending time on the beach? Why polish precious china when you could be eating croissants at a diner with a friend?

Beyond that, Byers mentions that clutter hinders our freedom. It’s true! Think about it, would it be easier to pick up and move if you lived in a large house full of possessions? Or would it be easier if you lived in a modest home with few belongings? What we own can keep us bound to our property. That’s why it’s important to recognize clutter.

Prioritize What’s Important

So, how do you determine what to keep and what to donate, recycle, or scrap? Well, it’s time to prioritize what’s most important to you. First of all, what items do you use. Keep utilitarian items. Second, what possessions have true value to you? Keep family heirlooms. Do you need to keep that shirt you bought in the 80s and haven’t worn? Finally, what brings you happiness? Keep your most beautiful decorations. Keep that oil painting of the woman dipping her feet in a stream. And, when it comes to the rest of your belongings, it might be time to let them go.

Work Room By Room

Time to get started! You’ll probably find that you have a lot that can go. Over the years, you’ve likely packed your home with about a literal ton of possessions that you don’t really need. So here’s our advice. Start small. And work from one room to the next. Pick the most manageable room in your home first. It might just be the laundry room. Sort out items to keep and items to go. Scrutinize every possession and every scrap of furniture. Once you’re done with your first room, take a break (you’ll likely be pooped after such a task). If you’re up to it, take on another room, or wait until a new day (you don’t want to burn out half way through). If you clear out a room per day, your home can be decluttered in about a week!


Sort smart. As you’re scouring through items, make four piles: To sell, to donate, to recycle, and to toss out. Staying organized will help you to cruise through the items in a room. If you’re on the fence about an item, just set it aside for the time being to keep the process going. Get rid of all of your recycling and rubbish at the end of each room. You can add to your “to sell” and “to donate” piles as you work through the house, or, if your piles are toppling over due to their size, you can start selling and donating right away.

Live & Learn

Once all is said and done, it’s time to take a big breath, let out a sigh of relief, and maybe have a well-earned nap. Oh, and it’s a good time to take note of what you’ve given up. Remember, as you navigate through your day to day, that you simply don’t need so many possessions. Next time you pass a newfangled kitchen accessory that reads “A Must Buy!” ask yourself, “Must I?” Be mindful of your purchases, and maintain vigilance, clutter can happen again!


We hope our tips help. Enjoy a clutter-free home and your clutter-free lifestyle. And remember, you can always count on Maxi Maids for our home cleaning services, and our professional organizing services. We provide maid services for folks throughout Springfield!