1. The Queen of Clean

    To the woman who embodies power, perseverance and passion. I will forever be inspired by the energy force that is radiating from within you. When I was little, I remember being awkwardly shy and constantly pleading to hide behind my mother. She was aggressive, strong, prideful and outgoing–my opposite. She would push me to order at restaurants, call the pizza place, and do all the things I DREAD…Read More

  2. 9 Organizing Life Hacks

    There’s something that feels so good about entering an organized space—well, we may be biased; we are professional organizers after all. That said, there’s still something inherently pleasing about organized things. Plus, it feels even more fulfilling to discover a new way to organize your tchotchkes. Imagine being the first woman to store her bobby pins in a Tic Tac container. Or the first …Read More

  3. How to Protect Your Granite Countertops

    Regardless of the material, countertops are expensive. And granite countertops are especially costly. So if you have a granite countertop, you have an investment that’s worth protecting. Now, often, folks think that granite is impervious to damage. On the contrary, granite can be damaged by a variety of things. Granite can be stained, cracked, chipped, and weakened depending on how you treat you…Read More

  4. 7 Moving Tips From Moving Maids

    Switching from one home to another means a new chapter for you and yours. Moving promises a variety of changes. Between homes, you’ll have a chance to assess your belongings. You can reorganize, ushering out the old, and ring in the new. It’s a fresh start, and it’s an exciting moment! However, moving is far from simple. So let’s talk about making a smart move. Here are our tips to ensure …Read More

  5. Reorganizing Your Fridge

    Our refrigerators are often the last place that we organize, but they're some of the most highly used spaces we have in our households. That’s why we’re taking some time today to talk about refrigerator organization, as posted by your local maids here at Maxi Maids. Place Dates on Your Perishables If you’re sick of losing your perishable foods, be sure to keep the dates visible! While it’s…Read More

  6. How to Know It’s Time to Organize

    If a close friend calls you a hoarder, it’s time to organize. If all of the drawers in your kitchen are junk drawers, it’s time to organize. If you swear you own an iron, but can’t (for the life of you) find it, it’s time to organize. That’s why we’re here. At Maxi Maids, we provide professional organization services, as well as cleaning services, so you can rest assured that you have …Read More

  7. Stay Ahead of Dirt This Summer!

    With heat on the rise, traffic through your home may look a bit like a highway. You might find yourself chasing the kids around the abode; and the kids are chasing the dog. Meanwhile, the dog is chasing the cat, and the cat is chasing God-knows-what. And the whole convoy seems to be circling around and through the house like a fly. In short, your family is kicking up a lot of dust. Not only dust, …Read More

  8. Cut the Clutter Part II

    Spring is in the air! And as is tradition, it’s time for spring cleaning. As flowers bloom and trees sprout young leaves, you can feel the change that’s in the air. So, as spring warms up the area here in Springfield, and folks begin to beautify their homes with spring cleaning, it’s time to clear away the cobwebs and cut the clutter around the abode. That’s the topic of today’s maid blo…Read More