To the woman who embodies power, perseverance and passion. I will forever be inspired by the energy force that is radiating from within you.

When I was little, I remember being awkwardly shy and constantly pleading to hide behind my mother. She was aggressive, strong, prideful and outgoing–my opposite. She would push me to order at restaurants, call the pizza place, and do all the things I DREADED doing. Everything was “you can do it” or “do not quit” or my favorite, “yes you can.” I don’t know if it was all the Tony Robbins videos she watched, but she was the most positive person. I never heard her complain. Never. Not through any of it. I never heard her say “I am exhausted” or  “I can’t do this.” She worked three jobs. Back- to-back. And if there were any hours left in the day, I am positive she would have worked four. She cleaned houses, served as a nanny, and worked the night shift at McDonalds. Sometimes when I get home from work, I am so exhausted I could cry, and I start to think about what my mother had to go through. I quickly realize I have no idea what its like to truly feel exhaustion.

MaxiMaids was founded by my mother in 1989. What started as a two-person clean team (my mother and father)  rapidly turned into a million dollar enterprise servicing Virginia, Maryland and DC. The fundamental principle has always been the same: excellence. She ingrained the concept of exceeding the cleaning expectation and delivering a service that was incomparable. The brand embodies everything that she is: brilliance. But mostly, she was the epitome of a clean freak. She was as OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) as they come about cleaning, organizing and overall order.

In fact, if I close my eyes, I can still see her mopping the kitchen floors of Kendrick Lane. With the five wooden chairs turned over and propped on the table, she would mop the floors for what felt like hours. Back and forth, back and forth. And on the stove in a small sauce pan set to simmer, she would place orange slices, apple skins and cinnamon sticks with water. She hated the smell of food and was adamant that the house not smell of garlic. Everyday she mopped the floors. Every. Single. Day. Even during our annual beach trip to the Outer banks, she would spend 1-2 hours cleaning the kitchen after breakfast EVERY MORNING. We knew without a doubt she would not join us on the beach until about noon. Her travel accessories always included a wicker basket full of comet, bleach, and Mr. Clean. That is my mother.

When I graduated from George Mason University, I set my sights on corporate America, I wanted BIG. The bigger the better. Every so often, I could hear a faint whisper in the back of my mind… “MaxiMaids”. Growing up, the business that paid for our college degrees and everything our heart desired seemed so average. It seemed trivial, and while I started to toy with the idea of doing some consulting work for MaxiMaids, the idea of becoming an actual employee never stuck. And then it happened. One day, my mother made me go out and clean. Naturally, I figured “no big deal.” I can handle this. And then the cleaning gods looked down on me and laughed…