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We recognize the importance of a clean and well-staged home.
We work with many real estate firms to assist with all their residential and commercial cleaning needs.
Wash & Scrub Stove and Range Hood   (interior & exterior included)
Wash & Scrub Cabinets and Counter-tops       (interior & exterior included)
Dust & Wipe Dining Area Light Fixtures
Floors-Vacuum and Wash
Wash & Scrub all Small Appliances (i.e. Toaster Oven, Coffee Maker, Toaster & Microwave)
Wash, Scrub & Polish Sink
Wash & Wipe Sliding Glass Doors (interior & exterior included)
Wash & Scrub Oven and Refrigerator (interior & exterior included)
Wash & Wipe Mirrors
Wash & Scrub Counter-tops, Back-splash, and Wall Above Sink
Chrome Polish Available
Wash & Wipe Cabinets (interior & exterior included)
Wash & Scrub Faucets
Scrub & Sanitize Tub, Shower, and Toilet
Wash & Wipe Shower Curtain
Dust & Wipe Light Fixtures
Hand Wash Baseboards
Wash & Wipe Shelving
Hand Wash & Scrub Floor
Dust & Wipe Blinds
Wash & Wipe Window Sills, Panes, and Glass Doors
Dust & Wipe Fingerprints around Door Knobs and Light Switches
Hand Wash Walls ( per request only)
Hand Wash Baseboards
Wash & Wipe Storm Door (interior & exterior included)
Ceiling Fans
Wash & Wipe Closet Shelving and Drawers
Carpeted Areas
Soft Brush Canister Vacuum (i.e. stairs, tile and wood surfaces)
Vacuum All Corners
Wood Floor -Damp Mopping
Wood Floor Polish ( per request only)
Wash & Scrub Trash (interior & exterior included)
Wash & Wipe Interior Pantry Shelving
Stainless Steel Polish (per request)
All Equipment & Supplies Provided
Sweep Garage(s)
Sweep Balconies ( Apartments & Condominium)