There’s something that feels so good about entering an organized space—well, we may be biased; we are professional organizers after all. That said, there’s still something inherently pleasing about organized things. Plus, it feels even more fulfilling to discover a new way to organize your tchotchkes. Imagine being the first woman to store her bobby pins in a Tic Tac container. Or the first person to use a kitchen utensil holder as a divider in the bathroom. Pure genius. That’s why we’re taking some time today to offer up some amazing life hacks that you can employ to keep your home organized and clean. Let’s dig into a few of our favorite hacks.

Keep Linens Fresh & Compact

If you have piles of linens in your closet, we have two solutions to keep them organized. First, you can invest in vacuum bags to suck the extra air out of your bulkier blankets. Or second, if you have extra linens, you can store sets of linens in a pillow case. The next time you have guests over, it’ll be a breeze to change the sheets, plus your closet will look organized in the meantime.

Shower Hoops in the Closet

If you have purses scattered throughout the floor of your closet, invest in an extra set of shower hoops (the kind that would usually hold a shower curtain). Place the hoops on your clothes rack, and voila, you have a new hanger that’s ideal for purses and bags. You can also use the same strategy to store pairs of shorts—just use the belt loops to hang your shorts and keep them organized!

Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer for Towels

If towels are pouring out of your closet, then a shoe organizer may be the best solution! Purchase one of those cloth shoe organizers, and hang it where convenient in your closet. Then, simply roll up your towels, and voila, you can store all of your towels in a neat, lovely stack. Who said that shoe organizers were designed for shoes?

Keep Cleaning Supplies Organized

Next, it’s time to take a look under the sink. It’s likely that the cabinets under your sink are a complete mess. After all, that’s where you store your cleaning supplies—so it often becomes neglected when you’re cleaning the rest of the house. But have you ever thought about hanging your cleaning supplies on a tension rod? It’s simple: Just purchase a rod that spans from one side of the cabinet to the other, make sure it’s sturdy, and then you can hang all of your spray bottle cleaning supplies from the rod. Just be sure not to get carried away; too much weight can cause the rod to bow and fall.

Mail or CDs?

OK, now head into the office (or wherever you store your pile of mail). If your current storage method is a basket sitting on the floor, it’s time to upgrade. Do you still have a CD rack? Well, if it’s the right design, you can turn it on its side and use the slats to keep your mail organized. You can even use CD cases as separators. Organize your mail by date, bills, incoming and outgoing, or however you see fit.

Go Paperless

Better yet, you can truly make the most of your office space by going completely paperless. Get a document scanner to make quick work of all of those documents that you need to store, and then toss that useless paper in the recycle bin. Just be sure to backup your electronically stored documents, and, of course, don’t get rid of items like your social security card, your car title, birth certificates, and other essential documents.

Pot Holder

Pots are just bulky and difficult to store. You can always use wall-mounted hooks to store your pots on the sides of your cabinets, or, if you want to go all out, you can invest in an overhead pot rack to keep pots stored yet accessible (and beautifully on display!).

Slick Spice Drawer

If you have a spice drawer in your kitchen in lieu of a spice rack, then your drawer may be quite disorganized. If you have spice bottles rolling around, then it’s time to invest in tension rods (once again!). Get a few tiny tension rods to span the width of your spice drawer. The rods will keep all of your spices nicely lined up, easy to access, and easy to identify.

Laundry Basket in the Car

If you’re sick of grocery’s rolling around and crushed eggs, put a laundry basket in your car to keep the chaos contained. You won’t have to worry about taking corners too sharp anymore. Plus, you’ll likely be able to carry the whole lot of groceries inside (or at least all of the groceries that fit in your basket. While you’re at it, you can use a milk crate to keep all of your emergency supplies contained.

Maxi Maids’ Professional Organization Services

For professional organizing services, you can count on the crew here at Maxi Maids. We’ll go above and beyond to keep your home in perfect condition. Plus, you can pair our organizing services with our cleaning services for an unbeatably welcoming home. If you’re ready to get started, you can book a reservation today! We provide professional organization and home cleaning services for folks throughout Springfield and the surrounding area. Check back soon for more cleaning and organization tips!