Switching from one home to another means a new chapter for you and yours. Moving promises a variety of changes. Between homes, you’ll have a chance to assess your belongings. You can reorganize, ushering out the old, and ring in the new. It’s a fresh start, and it’s an exciting moment! However, moving is far from simple. So let’s talk about making a smart move. Here are our tips to ensure that your move goes as planned…

Formulate a Plan of Action

Unfortunately, when you move you’ll have a million tasks to complete. Fortunately, you can stay organized to keep on top of your schedule. Planning up front can save you a lot of frustration in the future. So purchase a notebook, or if you prefer, you can download an app on your phone or device to keep your priorities straight. Check out Wunderlist if you’re going for the high-tech route. You might also consider purchasing a whiteboard calendar if you prefer to visualize your upcoming tasks.

Get Boxes for Free

Don’t spend money on moving boxes. It’s a waste of your hard-earned dough, and it’s a waste of cardboard. Instead, head to the nearest liquor store or grocery store. They’re likely to hand over broken down boxes by the dozens. Then, recycle your boxes once you’re in your new abode!

Other Packing Essentials

Now, you’ll need a variety of other materials to make your move materialize (pardon the pun). Our advice: start a toolbox that’s dedicated to your move. Toss in packing tape, duct tape, pliers, a hammer, rope, zip ties, and anything else you may need as you pack up room after room. You’ll also need padding to pack your items. You can purchase packing paper and packing peanuts. You can also use newspaper and your clothing to wrap fragile items! For instance, you can use your sock drawer to make sure that all of your mugs and glassware make it to their new home. If you’re packing the moving truck yourself, you can use blankets to secure your furniture while keeping it scratch free.

Pack Early

If you have a house full of items, it’s best to break down the work into small segments. First things first, you can start packing up decorative items throughout your house. Pack up paintings, photos, candles, and other tchotchkes before you get started on items that you’ll continue to use. Your current home will be a little barren for the time being, but you’ll only be spending a handful of days under that roof after all.

Label Smart

Labeling your boxes up front will save you hours of headache when it’s time to unpack. At the very least, scribble the designated room on the surface of your box. If you’re especially organized, you can include a list of the items within the box (e.g. “Kitchen – Pots & Pans,” or “Bathroom – Toiletries in Drawers”). You can even color code the tape and labeling on your boxes to make the move-in especially easy for yourself and your helpers.

Hire or DIY?

Are you going to move your items yourself, or are you going to hire a moving crew? If you’re moving on the cheap, you can rent a UHaul for a relatively low cost; or, if you prefer, you can coerce one of your truck-owning friends into borrowing their vehicle.

If you choose to use a moving company (which will save you hours of backbreaking labor), be sure to shop around. Look for the lowest prices out there, but be wary of client reviews as well. Pick a crew with great reviews and a competitive price, and be sure to ask about their insurance policy should an item break in transit.

Consider a Cleaning Crew

When you’re on the move, you have enough on your hands. Between packing, changes of address, signing contracts, and looking into a new school for the kids, you may not get more than a few minutes of free time. It’s little more than controlled chaos. If you’re overburdened as you make your move, consider hiring a cleaning crew to help. You can hire home cleaners to give your home a good, thorough cleaning as you take the last box to the moving truck.

Now, you can also hire a crew to give your new home a good once-over to ensure that everything is perfectly clean before the furniture starts pouring in. People often neglect to clean all of the nooks and crannies of the house.

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