1. Dryer Sheets or Fabric Softener?

    When it’s time to throw in a load of laundry, do you reach for the fabric softener? Or do you opt to use a dryer sheet with each tumble? Or, perhaps, you like extra soft, static free clothing… so you use both a dryer sheet and some fabric softener. Sure it’s overkill, but you love the smell and feel of your clothes. But which option is truly the best? Well, there’s no black-and-white answe…Read More

  2. Where’d That Stray Sock Go?

    OK, we’ve all seen it before. The pair of socks that have turned into the single, unmatched sock. You’re certain that you bought all your socks in pairs, and after all, a rainbow-striped, knee-high sock is pretty hard to miss right? So where do all those missing socks go? Today, in our maid and laundry service blog, we’re solving that mystery. Here’s where all of your missing socks happene…Read More

  3. Why Are My Colors Bleeding?

    Everybody has that story of the one time they put that red sock in the load with all the whites. The punchline always goes, “The whole load came out as a wonderful shade of pink!” Color bleeding is a scenario best avoided. Fortunately, with the right precautions, you can keep the dye of your clothes right where it belongs. That’s the topic of today’s laundry service blog. So let’s take a…Read More

  4. Make Your Clothes Last!

    Here at MaxiMaids, we’re proud to specialize in cleaning services, including laundry services. Cleaning is our passion. It’s our profession. It’s our expertise. And like anything that can be done, cleaning can, and should, be done well. That’s why we’re taking a moment today to talk about cleaning your clothes properly. It’s an often overlooked fact, but many Americans neglect to clean…Read More

  5. Can You Wash Rugs?

    Can you launder your rugs? In short, maybe. Let’s delve into the world of rug cleaning, as presented by your local laundry service, MaxiMaids. Cleaning Your Rugs There are thousands of rugs out there. Big rugs, small rugs, red rugs, blue rugs, shag rugs, woven rugs, animal fur rugs, and more. With so many rugs out there, caring for your rug has become a bit of a science. You’ll have to analyze…Read More

  6. Tips to Avoid Wrinkled Clothes

    Doing laundry is a hassle. We understand. That’s why we’re happy to provide our laundry services to folks throughout the Springfield area. It’s also why we’re ecstatic to offer some tips to keep your laundry looking best! We know that nobody likes to pull out the ironing board to iron the clothes they’ve just cleaned; that just doubles the hassle! So let’s talk about the best ways to a…Read More

  7. Leave All Of Your Laundry to Us

    We know that laundry can be a taxing task. And it’s so easy to let loads of laundry heap up in the hamper. As you sprint through your day-to-day rigmarole, you may find that you’ve neglected to do laundry for a week or more, and you’re running low on the essentials. It’s time to give MaxiMaids a call. MaxiMaids is your local Springfield-area laundry service company. We provide a variety of…Read More